Male Cosmetic Surgery Procedures in Pittsburgh

The world of cosmetic surgery has broadened significantly in recent years, as more men have elected to take advantage of the benefits of cosmetic procedures. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, over one million cosmetic procedures were performed on men in 2013. As cosmetic surgery becomes more commonplace, as well as the number of advances in available options, men are discovering that cosmetic procedures can be just as beneficial and acceptable for them as for women.

Men of all ages are seeking cosmetic procedures that range from facelifts to simple skin rejuvenation. With body image becoming a growing focus, many men also elect to have treatment for liposuction of their love handles or to eliminate the problems caused by gynecomastia, the enlargement of the glandular tissue in the breast. With the number of options available due to advances in technology, many procedures can be performed with a minimum of downtime and a more speedy return to daily activities.

The most commonly requested cosmetic procedures for men include:

  • Laser hair removal Many men suffer from unwanted body hair, from the back to the chest, to the face. This procedure can vary from complete hair removal to thinning thick, overgrown patches into controlled, yet masculine body hair.
  • Body contouring (liposuction)This minimally-invasive procedure eliminates the stubborn fat deposits that don’t respond to diet and exercise. Common areas in  male patients that want liposuction address fat around the waist and abdomen.
  • Blepharoplasty (eye lift)The first effects of aging around the eyes can cause drooping eyelids that create a weary look and, in some cases, can even impair the line of vision. An eye lift can help to remove excess tissue and skin from the upper and lower lids, producing a refreshed and more youthful appearance.
  • Male Breast Reduction – This surgical procedure addresses a male condition known as gynecomastia,  the enlargement of the glandular tissue in the breast that affects many men. Male breast reduction surgery removes the excess tissue to produce a flatter, more masculine body profile.
  • Non-surgical rejuvenation (Juvederm®, Restylane®, Botox® and/or skin resurfacingDermal fillers can help men to regain their youthful appearance without the hassle of surgery and the related downtime. These simple procedures offer results that are subtle, allowing you to look younger without taking away from your strong, masculine profile.

UPMC Stofman Plastic Surgery Group offers a number of Cosmetic Surgery Procedures to both men and women, and we strive to provide an environment where men feel comfortable. With many cosmetic options to choose from and skilled staff that is experienced in meeting the needs of each patient, many men in and around the Pittsburgh area are choosing UPMC Stofman Plastic Surgery Group for their aesthetic needs. For more information, contact us today to schedule a consultation.