Breast Lift

UPMC Stofman Plastic Surgery Group provides Breast Lift Procedures to patients from Pittsburgh and the surrounding area.

Also referred to as mastopexy, a Breast Lift procedure is generally  performed to improve the appearance and shape of drooping or sagging breasts in women who have experienced loss of volume in their breast tissue due to pregnancy, weight loss, or aging.

Why A Breast Lift?

Many factors can affect the appearance of a woman’s breast, including age, weight fluctuations, and the physical changes that accompany pregnancy. These changes can often leave them flat, sagging, and unattractive. There is no need to hide your figure with padded bras or loose clothing; it is possible to look and feel great about your breasts both in and out of clothing with Breast Lift Surgery.

Breast Lift Surgery can:

  • Raise breasts that sag
  • Tighten breasts that have lost their shape and volume
  • Realign breasts that are asymmetrical
  • Raise nipples that fall below the crease of the breast
  • Redirect nipples that point downward
  • Decrease the size of areolas

Is A Breast Lift Right For Me?

The ideal candidate for a Breast Lift includes

  • Women who are in good health
  • Those with smaller breasts
  • Good skin elasticity

Because breast size can change throughout a pregnancy, a Breast Lift may not be recommended if you are planning on future pregnancies.

During your initial consultation, our highly-skilled surgeons will discuss your options, and create a solution that will best fit your long-term goals. During your consultation, our surgeons will also discuss in more detail what you can expect from your Breast Lift Procedure.

Breast Lift Procedure

There are a number of incision locations and lift techniques, which will vary by the individual. Our surgeons will discuss your options during your initial visit. Some Breast Lift procedures are combined with other procedures to correct additional concerns, such as Breast Augmentation or a Breast Reduction.

Recovery Following A Breast Lift

Breast Lift Surgery is an outpatient surgical procedure, so you will be able to go home the day of your surgery. Following your surgery, the incisions will be dressed and wrapped, and you will be required to wear a surgical support bra 24 hours a day for the first 3 to 4 weeks. While you should be able to return to your daily activities within a week or two, any strenuous activities will need to be limited for at least 3 to 4 weeks.


You should be able to immediately notice improvements from your breast lift surgery. The swelling and bruising should begin to disappear within 1 to 2 weeks. The scars from the incision sites will gradually thin and fade for about the first year after surgery. Lasting effects of these operations vary based on skin elasticity, weight fluctuations, sun damage to skin and smoking.

Be sure to ask questions: It’s very important to address any concerns you have with our experienced staff. All successful surgeries begin with open and honest communication between doctor and patient. Are you considering plastic surgery? Contact us to schedule a consultation and let us educate you about your options and the procedures available.

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