Lip Augmentation

There are a number of reasons that people seek to improve the appearance of their lips. For many, fuller, plumper lips improve self-confidence and/or self-esteem. Lip Enhancement may also reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles around the mouth, reversing the signs of aging. Lip Augmentation is typically performed with injections or surgery, however, injectable dermal fillers are the most commonly used method.

Is Lip Augmentation / Lip Enhancement Right For Me?

Those who are in overall good health without excessive lip scarring are good candidates for Lip Enhancement or Lip Augmentation. It is also important to have realistic expectations about your appearance as well as the results. During your initial consultation, our skilled, board-certified staff will discuss your expectations as well as decide how to proceed in order to get you the best possible results.

Lip Augmentation / Lip Enhancement Procedure

Typically, Lip Augmentation / Enhancement procedures are performed on an outpatient basis. The specifics of each procedure, as well as recovery time will vary and will be discussed with you in detail prior to your procedure. Patients with a history of cold sores will be treated with medications to try to repress the virus from recurring during recovery. There are many different types of injections, each with it’s own various advantages and disadvantages. For more information on Injectable Fillers, please visit our Dermal Fillers page.

UPMC Stofman Plastic Surgery Group’s Board-Certified physicians have the knowledge and extensive experience to help find the right Skin Care Solution to help you look your best. Please refer to our Skin Care Page for more details, and contact us today to schedule an appointment.