Lori J. Delaney Stofman

Lori J. Delaney Stofman is a state-licensed and certified Esthetic Rehabilitation Specialist, and has been practicing the art for over ten years. She is certified in camouflage coverage from the Linda Seidel Institute in Baltimore, Maryland and has been serving the Mercy Hospital of Pittsburgh trauma and burn patients since 1996.

She is the only certified trained 3D Nipple Tattoo Reconstructionist in Western Pennsylvania. She provides state of the art high-tech nipple tattoo reconstruction for mastectomy patients that have undergone breast reconstruction.

She has additional training and certification in micropigmentation for the use of permanent cosmetics, as well as its use in reconstructive surgery. She is recognized nationally as an expert in pulsed light photorejuvination techniques for various skin disorders such as rosacea and skin pigment problems.She was an early pioneer in the clinical trials for using light as a tool for hair removal, and teaches physicians and their staff on the various techniques of laser hair removal.

She has a large skin care practice, and is very active in the skin care and makeup in pre and post operative cosmetic surgery patients. She has one of the countries largest light/laser hair removal practices.